Super Bowl Fun

February 04, 2015

I've never been a fan of American football so Super Bowl sunday isn't a huge deal but that doesn't mean I'm gonna pass up an excuse to go to a party! I went over to my friend Renee's house a bit early so I could help prepare for the party which included helping with the "photobooth". 

For this page, I mainly used the Amy Tangerine, Stitched paper pad, which is my absolute favorite paper! I love the colors and patters because they aren't too overwhelming and the colors are nice and subtle.

I'm usually pretty self-conscious about pictures of myself, but I love the pictures we got because you can tell how much fun we were all having. I've started Weight Watchers (that will be a future post) and it feels so good to have some sort of control in my life again. Chronic illnesses take away a lot of control but I'm working very hard at taking it back. 

Traditional pages are definitely something I need to work on. I always end up doing the same kind of style which includes a lot of layering which is pretty, but I want more variety with my pages. I think I will start by looking at other people's pages and using them as inspiration and hopefully the more I do, the more comfortable I will be with using different styles.

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