Hospital Life

October 25, 2014

It has almost been 3 months since I had my back surgery and I must say, getting that surgery was the best decision I ever made. I used to have constant back pain as well as nerve pain and headaches but since the surgery, I hardly get any of those symptoms. 

I created this spread a while ago but just got around to photographing it today. I changed this spread so many times just trying to figure out what looked right and I finally went with yellow. I haven't really used yellow in other spreads but it works really well with this one. 

Natural Light

October 12, 2014

Before getting into scrapbooking, I never appreciated natural light, but last month, while changing the sheets on my bed, Clara jumped up and the lighting was perfect. Thankfully I had my camera handy so I started taking a few pictures and they turned out very well. 

I haven't quite learned how to use manual mode yet but for these pictures, I just turned the flash off and let the camera work it's magic. My room has mostly light colors so even in the pictures where there are posters on the wall, it isn't too busy and doesn't take your eye away from Clara. 

Anyone with a black lab knows that using a flash makes your dog look a little strange, but natural light works very well for black labs. I got very lucky with my pup! She is great at looking at the camera and staying still and my main "trick" is to hold a treat or toy up to the camera or tell her to "watch me". 

Work Space

October 04, 2014

Right now, my main work space is my bed. I don't mind it too much since there is a lot of space and I can fit everything I need on my bed. I just don't have a ton of storage and it's pretty annoying when you get up and everything moves around.

I have applied to something called Cherished Creations. It is like Make-A-Wish except it's for kids and young adults with chronic illnesses instead of life threading illnesses. Not too long ago, I wasn't really sure what I would have wanted but then I started to do Project Life and I knew that having a proper craft space would be amazing. If I don't get accepted that's ok. It will just take a bit longer for me to have that craft space.