My "Art" Journal

February 22, 2015

A couple of days ago, I decided to start an art journal. I already have sketchbooks and that kind of thing so I wanted something different. Obviously, I search Pinterest for inspiration and I love what I came up with. Most of pages aren't even art but more of using up scraps or a place to do random stuff when I'm bored. I use the scrap paper left over from cutting pictures and such so the pages are lots of different sizes. So here are the pages I have so far! 

The cover and back are just chipboard cut to 9x9. I have ordered gold foil thickers to put on the cover page which I'm super excited about!

Like many people, I have a serious love for wood veneer but there are just some shapes I don't use much so I though why not just glue them on a piece of paper. I know, totally random but this is probably one of my favorite pages.

Here, I just stuck washi on the back of the wood veneer page. The "oh scrap" page is a page with scrap paper layered over each other and then I attached vellum and the thickers. Cute right?

Sequins are another thing I love but don't use much so I just stick them in a little vellum bag and attached a heart on top.

This is just a gold foil print I did a while back.

I recently made something for Clara using this fabric and the scraps were too pretty to just throw away.

As some of you know, my cursive needs some practice so this was just a scrap piece I practiced on.

I can't wait to add more to this "art" journal. If you have any questions about the pages, just leave a comment! 

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