Week Four

January 30, 2015

This week, something very exciting happened! It was my mom's 50th birthday! I honestly don't know where I would be without her. No matter what has happened, she has always been there for me. <3 My uncles and grandparents got her a record player, awesome right? So on her birthday we went to a record store and got a Fleetwood Mac album and an Ed Sheeran album. 

Something not so exciting was being sent to the ER by my doctor...sadly this isn't the first time it's happened. I was having weakness as well as other symptoms but when we got there, it was pretty busy. After over two hours of waiting, and more and more people being sent ahead of me, we just left. Thankfully my symptoms got better. 

I also got to work with new supplies I ordered which I'm in love with. These thickets from Dear Lizzy are so gorgeous and I also got a couple of new roller stamps. What is your favorite supplies? :)

Week Three

January 26, 2015

Week 3 was one of those weeks which was kind of hard to document because there wasn't a lot going on. The beginning of the week was really slow but towards the end, it was pretty good. 

Clara, as some of you know, is training to be my service dog. We took her to physical therapy, which we do a lot, and she did well and after that, we took her to Nothing But Noodles. This was her first time in a restaurant and she did so well! She didn't want to stay laying down but she didn't sniff food and she even ignored a 20-something year old guy saying "puppy!" as we walked past. Later that day we went to the mall and there was a little girl who screamed "Puppy!!!" in a very high pitched voice and tried to run after us and she ignored that as well! I am so proud of how far she has come in less than a year!

I ordered some vellum because I'd seen some cute tutorials online which I wanted to try out. While at Nothing But Noodles, I took a picture of my food, but the picture wasn't very pretty so I decided to cover it with vellum. I got the restaurant logo and then added what I ordered and covered the picture with it and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I see a lot of vellum covered pictures in my future!

I made this "love" silhouette cut file with my own handwriting and a heart shape and even though it didn't actually get cut out well, I love it. You can download it HERE.

Week Two

January 15, 2015

Wow, I can't believe we are already in the third week of January! So far, this year has been good and I've been able to walk with Clara and my mom (big accomplishment with my health conditions) and I've been feeling pretty good. I've had a rough few days but doing Project Life always helps keep my mind off of that! 

This layout, like week one, consists of mostly the Studio Calico, Far Far Away kit and I wish I could just buy 50 boxes of this kit!

The "adventure awaits" was perfect for pictures of our walk were Clara was looking super adorable and the "A bad case of the blahs" card is perfect for those occasional slow days I've been having. 

The card on the top left is actually one I made myself. I wanted a 4x6 card for journaling but I didn't have anything that really worked with the colors so I made my own! I wanted to keep with the design of the SC cards so I used the triangles and the gorgeous color scheme from the kit and I think it turned out quite well. 

I can't wait to get started working on week three!

2015 Title Page

January 13, 2015

I never quite know what to do with a title page but I am actually quite pleased with how this turned out. I didn't want to use a lot of pictures so I used one from December which I really liked.

I like the colors that I ended up using for this page and I think it is a great page to kick off all of the spreads to come in 2015.

Included in the Studio Calico kit this month was a twenty fifteen card which was very nice but didn't quite look how I wanted so I was able to digitally edit it into what I needed. 

My OLW for 2015 is Flourish so I decided to make my own card in photoshop and was able to digitally draw the word which, in my opinion, turned out really well. 

I have a thing about DIY cards and this Top 10 Goals card was super easy! I just typed my goals and then used the stamps that came in the SC kit. Super easy and super cute. 

Week One Spread

January 11, 2015

This year, I decided to do Project Life by week and I am already loving this decision. Apologies for not posting for so long, I had a lot of health stuff going on but I am starting to feel better! My goal is to take at least 7 pictures a week which is actually quite difficult for me since I don't do much. I've got my fur babies but apart from that, I don't have a lot to take pictures of so I've been taking pictures of things around the house and the favorite #fromwhereIstand pictures. So even though there aren't 7 pictures in this layout, I am completely in love with it. 

I got my Studio Calico, Far Far Away kit earlier this week and automatically fell it love. It is so me! Thankfully, I hadn't finished my week 1 spread yet so I got to use some of the cards and embellishments in it.  

This gorgeous JAN wood veneer was one of the embellishments included in the SC kit and I think it is one of my favorite items in the kit!

I can't wait to share week number 2 and I'll hopefully be posting my cover page soon! I hope you all have had a great start to the year!