About Me

Hello, my name is Alex Hunter and I am 19 years old. I was born in Scotland and am now living in North Carolina. I started scrapbooking last year and it has become a huge passion of mine. I also enjoy hand lettering and even have an Etsy shop called Alex Hunter Designs. Most of my spreads include my best friend, and service dog, Clara, who is a huge part of my life and is one of the main reasons I started Project Life. Capturing the little things is what I love about memory keeping because those are what make up our life right now.  

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  1. Hi Alex I found you from Glossermer blue. I don't have the skills for scrapbooks but I'm trying my hand at cards. So, I may be out of luck with that too. Time will tell, I wanted to say hello I am new at this comments and things on computers. I would like to make some cards to send you that you could send to the hospital you mentioned. I am happy to post them to you or if you prefer to the hospital. Would you mind if I assist you in either way?
    I can answer any questions you may have about me. I have a email lindabatson57@yahoo.com.