Saying Goodbye To Gus

July 26, 2016

Today's scrapbook page is one with a lot of meaning. On the 16th, we had to put our cat, Gus, down which was very hard. He was 16 years old and had only recently gotten sick. He had diabetes but earlier this month he started having a lot of trouble breathing, so the vet treated him for an upper respiratory infection but it only got worse. When they did X-Rays they saw that his heart was enlarged and he had fluid in his lungs. At that point, we knew the right thing to do was to put him down.

This page came together pretty quickly and I love how it turned out. Instead of this going in an album, it'll be going in a frame and in my craft room. 
We got Gus when I was 4 and this is the first time I've had to put down a pet, and I must say, it is not easy. He could be pretty annoying when he wanted food and to be pet but I love him so much and I wish I could hear that cry again.  

Have you ever been looking for a stamp or embellishment and come across one that is just perfect for your page? Well this is what happened when I found this stamp set. I was just looking through some of my stamps when I came across a Gossamer Blue stamp set with this quote, which I feel is perfect for this situation. Gus never got on with Clara, our dog, so I like to think that he is somewhere he feels free of her as well as somewhere he can breath freely. 

Of course I had to add a few hearts to this page. The flair and the label, as well as the paper I used are by Felicity Jane and the heart stamp is from a Gossamer Blue stamp set. The florals and the tag are part of Maggie Holmes' Bloom collection, one of my favorite collections to date. 

I love all of the colors in this page and I can't wait to display it in my craft room. I was worried about making a scrapbook page to document Gus because I wanted it to be very nice, and I think I accomplished that. 

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