Scrapbooking Inspiration

September 16, 2014

After being inspired by Pinterest and some of my friends, I decided to try some traditional scrapbooking. I've got to say, I'm hooked! Although it takes much longer than Project Life, You get to be so much more creative. I love using all of the different layers of paper and embellishments and half the time, the page turns out completely different from how you planned it, but it's still gorgeous! 

I'm also still able to use some Project Life cards while doing it. I just cut off the rounded corners and layer them with all the other paper, it looks great! I've been using 8.5x11paper for these pages just because 12x12 is too big for me when it comes to traditional scrapbooking. 

I'll be showing you all some of my pages later in the week but for now, here is a few of my favorite pages I have found on Pinterest so far. :) Enjoy. 

Magda Mizera


Meghann Andrew 

Christine Newman

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