Week Fifteen

May 20, 2015

I've gotten a bit behind on Project Life lately, but it is nice to get back to it. Week fifteen was pretty boring so I was struggling for photos, but it turned out pretty nice. I think my favorite part is that adorable Easter egg card, super cute right? 

Whenever I try to take a nice selfie, I always end up with a ton of silly photos and I thought it would be fun to include.

I'm not a huge fan of journaling, although I am getting more comfortable with it. I decided to add a little tag behind the photo and just added some string for easy access!

This is probably my favorite part of this spread. I got quite a bit of mail last month so I decided to make a little vellum pocket so I could include all of it. I hand stitched it, which was, well, a big pain in the butt. Thankfully it turned out really well and I think this is something I will do again in the future.

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