The Secret to Project Life

November 16, 2014

Within 2 days this week, I got 5 layouts done and I believe I found the secret to Project Life. I always tried to make my layout how I thought other people would like them or in the style I wanted to be. I always loved the layouts with a lot of white and bright colors but any time I tried to achieve that, I never truly loved the layouts. This week I just went with what felt right and I loved every layout even though the style is completely different from what I first tried to achieve. 

Scotland Memories Project Life layout

As you can see, I've started using some darker cards but I always thought that would mean the layouts would end up being quite dark as well. I must say I really love this layout as I do with all the ones I have recently made. I have started making them for me, not anyone else, and that's how I found joy in Project Life again. 

Scotland Memories 2 Project Life layout

Scotland Memories 3 Project Life layout

I think when I first started Project Life, I was just trying to do what all the successful PLers were doing instead of what I liked, but there is no point in that because those people aren't going to be the ones going through your album in 10 years. You are. I have found my style and that is a mix of dark and light and I love it. 

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