Natural Light

October 12, 2014

Before getting into scrapbooking, I never appreciated natural light, but last month, while changing the sheets on my bed, Clara jumped up and the lighting was perfect. Thankfully I had my camera handy so I started taking a few pictures and they turned out very well. 

I haven't quite learned how to use manual mode yet but for these pictures, I just turned the flash off and let the camera work it's magic. My room has mostly light colors so even in the pictures where there are posters on the wall, it isn't too busy and doesn't take your eye away from Clara. 

Anyone with a black lab knows that using a flash makes your dog look a little strange, but natural light works very well for black labs. I got very lucky with my pup! She is great at looking at the camera and staying still and my main "trick" is to hold a treat or toy up to the camera or tell her to "watch me". 

This was the first picture I took on this day and I just couldn't stop. The white sheets reflected the light very well and Clara was a little tired so she wasn't bouncing around too much. 

Clara loves to look out the window and watch the world go by. If my curtains are up, you can guarantee she will sit there for about an hour just watching people walking by or the other dogs across the street. She always looks so peaceful. 

There is something about paws which I absolutely adore. 

Do you do mini photoshoots with your fur babies? Feel free to leave a link to some photos. I'd love to check them out.

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