Why I Started Project Life

August 26, 2014

I've been wanting to start Project Life for about a year but just never got around to it. I love doing anything creative, especially scrapbooking. Everything this year has kind of slowed down for the most part. All my friends were busy, I wasn't in school, no job, there just wasn't much to do. I started to look at inspiration on Pinterest and that made me want to start even more.

I started with the basics. I got the pocket pages, Midnight core kit and the Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party mini kit. I was over the moon! It was kind of surreal to actually be starting something I've been wanting to do for so long. Not long after purchasing those items, I subscribed to Studio Calico. 

I've always loved being able to look back at old pictures and relive old memories. With Project Life, you are making those memories even more beautiful. With my awful memory, it helps me remember all the good times I had growing up and inspires me to make even more good memories. 

Another reason I got into PL was for the people. Everyone in the PL community is so sweet, helpful, and inspiring. I just love it.

Before I started PL, I was already following quite a few scrapbookers on Instagram, one of which was @laurarahel. Laura posted a picture of some mail one day and although she covered her address, I saw the city and zip code. It turned out that she was only 5 minutes away and we pass her house almost every day! I got in touch with her and she told me about the PL group she hosts a couple times a month. Obviously I was freaking out at the thought that I could go to someone's house who loves PL as much, if not more than I do. Not long after, I went to her house for the first time and it was amazing. There was 3 of us in total so it was perfect. It's amazing how inspiring it is. When you are stuck on a page or just need a little push to be able to move on, you have people right there. 

I am so lucky to be able to do Project Life and to meet such amazing people though it. I'm sure the more I do, the more reasons I will find to love it. 

You can find Laura's blog here. I suggest everyone takes a look at it. She is so inspiring with her spreads and posts. 


  1. xoxo I got a mention!!! eek! You are so sweet and I am so very happy to know you now!

    1. How could I not mention you? lol. Thank you, I'm so glad to know you as well :)