Week Eight

February 28, 2015

Most weeks, I struggle to find pictures that I can use in my spreads but this week was the complete opposite. I had so  many photos that I wanted to include but I didn't want to overwhelm the page. We got some snow/ice so obviously I took a ton of pictures of that. I also hung out with Laura, had to get an X-ray to make sure my Hickman was still in the right place and got some gorgeous picture of our trainer's dog.

For the past few weeks while using this Studio Calico kit, I've been trying to do a pink/yellow combination but the colors just seemed to clash...until this week! I'm so glad I finally got the pink and yellow to work.

Below, you can see the little snow flakes that landed on my scarf when the snow had just begun. Also, the bottom left picture is Naevia, our trainer's dog who is an absolute angel! 

Of course I also included some journaling cards that I made myself. I used the digital scrapbook paper from Studio Calico. I created a 4x6 card with some lines on it and cropped part of the digital paper and moved it onto the top of the 4x6 cards.

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