Week Fourteen

April 26, 2015

Week fourteen..I'm so glad this spread is finished! It was all down to the last two cards and I just couldn't figure out what to use. I don't think it has ever taken me this long to finish a spread but I think it was worth it. 

Even though I didn't have a lot going on that week, I made sure to take photos around the house, which I think I will be doing more. 

I painted the wood veneer "April" that I got in my SC this month and attached it to the outside since it was a bit too chunky for putting inside the pocket.

 The two 4x6 photos on this page are all about the little things. I love Clara's paws, they are the cutest thing ever! I plan to eventually get her paw print tattooed on my arm, not anytime soon though ;)
I also have gotten lots of stuffed animals over the years and they always seem to end up on my bed frame so Clara doesn't destroy them.

Behind one of my journaling cards, which I got from Record Life blog, I created a card with a little tab. I made a 4x6 card with a couple of messages/emails which may sound boring but it was something I was really excited about!

One of my favorite parts of the SC this month were the chipboard pieces, I mean, how cute?! I also went a bit overboard on stamps in this spread, especially with Kellie's stamps! I love that "hey good looking" stamp, perfect for that gorgeous face right?

I was a little nervous about stamping on this easter egg card but I love how it turned out.

Products I used: Details overlay, Kellie Stamps, Studio Calico stamps, Freebies, Studio Calico Lisse Street Kit

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