Week Eleven

March 26, 2015

Yesterday I posted about my trouble using the Odyssey kit and I am not alone. I'm not quite sure what is making it difficult but I could not get this spread to work.
I decided to just pick out some cards from other kits/scrapbooking paper and this is what I got. This isn't what I had in mind at all for this spread and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.

I was one of those spreads that I just needed to complete and move on. I hope you all like it a bit more than I do. 

I used a couple of cards from my Fur Babies kit in this spread and I love how they look with everything else. The "girls best friend" card worked perfectly next to that gorgeous picture of Clara. 

One of my favorite cards from the Odyssey kit was the selfie fail card and it ended up working very well with my selfie of Clara and I. She loves getting her picture taking but hates selfies!

I adore this picture above, it is just so funny. Clara gets to play with boxes after we open this time, she decided she would open it for me. She didn't get very far, just a few teeth marks. 

I hope next week's spread is easier to put together. Maybe with some better pictures, it might be easier. 

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