My First Pocket Letters

September 01, 2015

Last week I created my first ever pocket letters! I'm sure most of you have heard of pocket letters by now but I didn't really understand what they were until recently. I understood the basic concept of them but that was it. I started watching videos on YouTube about pocket letters and what kind of things to include and thought I should just go ahead and try it! Also, there is a video at the end which gives you a better look at the pocket letters.

 The traditional way of doing pocket letters is to use an 8.5x11 page protectors which hold 9 2.5"x3.5"  cards. I decided to use regular Project Life page protectors because it was what I had and it also makes more sense to send something the right size for using in Project Life.

Most of the cards I used are Studio Calico because I have so many. Quite a few of the embellishments are from there as well. I also used some cards and embellishments I have received through Gossamer Blue. 

I tried to give hints as to what was behind each card so for example I put enamel dots on the card which had enamel dots behind it. There are also a couple of pockets which don't have cards and only embellishments and I did that because either the embellishments were too bulky or because I liked the way it looked.

From what I've seen from videos, I was quite generous when it came to putting things in the pockets but I have also seen people put almost nothing in the pockets! You can add whatever you are comfortable with but also make sure you are being fair.

Here is a video showing some close ups and explaining what is in my pocket letters.

I hope you enjoyed and learned something about pocket letters! I'll see you next time.

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