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October 04, 2014

Right now, my main work space is my bed. I don't mind it too much since there is a lot of space and I can fit everything I need on my bed. I just don't have a ton of storage and it's pretty annoying when you get up and everything moves around.

I have applied to something called Cherished Creations. It is like Make-A-Wish except it's for kids and young adults with chronic illnesses instead of life threading illnesses. Not too long ago, I wasn't really sure what I would have wanted but then I started to do Project Life and I knew that having a proper craft space would be amazing. If I don't get accepted that's ok. It will just take a bit longer for me to have that craft space.

 I asked for some ikea furniture, a silhouette portrait and some letterpress supplies. Part of my dream space is to have a silhouette portrait so I can create my own embellishments and create things I know I will love. I've also been looking into letterpress supplies. I would love to be able to create cards or even letterpresses embellishments. There is so much more to Project Life and scrapbooking than just the paper. 

Like most people, I go to Pinterest for my inspiration, especially when it comes to a craft space. I've noticed that I like spaces that are mostly white but with some pops of color. Here are a few of my favorites. 

You can check out my Work Space Pinterest board here. If you have a board for office/craft spaces I'd love to check them out. Feel free to leave a link below. 

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