Hospital Life

October 25, 2014

It has almost been 3 months since I had my back surgery and I must say, getting that surgery was the best decision I ever made. I used to have constant back pain as well as nerve pain and headaches but since the surgery, I hardly get any of those symptoms. 

I created this spread a while ago but just got around to photographing it today. I changed this spread so many times just trying to figure out what looked right and I finally went with yellow. I haven't really used yellow in other spreads but it works really well with this one. 

There's always an upside to hospital stays and it is always the nurses. The nurses are just the sweetest and they always make sure that you are comfortable and get you anything you need. This time, I had a very cute male nurse so that made the stay a bit more enjoyable ;) 

The IV pump photo in the spread above had the pain medication I was on. Usually they can just push it through my central line but since I was unable to eat because of nausea, the side affects were much stronger so the medication had to go in much slower.

In the beginning, the pain was unlike any pain I've experienced but it was well worth it. My favorite part was definitely having the therapy dogs visit. The one in the pictures is named Paisley and she just hopped into bed with me and went to sleep. Therapy dogs make all the difference. Hopefully next time I'm in the hospital, my service dog in training can come to visit!

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