Texture Paste Tutorial

June 29, 2015

 I have watched countless card making videos and one of my favorite techniques is when they use texture paste. It is a great way to add dimension and is a perfect way to use stencils. I only have one stencil so far but I definitely plan to make some of my own soon!

Being 19 years old with no job means being on a tight budget and I love to save money any way I can. So naturally, I looked up how I can create my own texture paste and this is what I found. The recipe was originally for 4 times the amount but I wanted to make sure I liked it before creating a big batch.

Baby Powder
White Paint/Gesso
Glue/Mod Podge
Airtight container
1/4 cup measuring cup
1 tablespoon measuring spoon

Palette knife
Colored paint

Measure 2 tablespoons of white paint and pour it into your jar.
Then measure 1 tablespoon of glue and pour it into your jar.

Stir the paint and glue and slowly add 1/4 cup of baby powder. You want to add it gradually so it will be smooth and without any big clumps. 

I wanted quite a thick texture so I ended up adding more baby powder, probably about 1/8 cup.

As you can see, you just simply spread it on with a palette knife and get gorgeous dimension.

Quick tip. You can also mix in a colored paint to create a colored texture paste. Here, I just used a little bit of blue paint and got this gorgeous color. 

 I will say that it was a little bit grittier than I would have liked but that may have been the brand of baby powder I used. I still love the look and will definitely use it on future projects!

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